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  • The DuraTek High Tech Rubber wheel will not corrode in harsh environments, whether 180°F or -45°F. It refuses to develop flat-spots and is impact resistant, rejects metal shavings, gravel, debris and more.
  • HardCore Defeats Steel Core: Using steel core wheels with rubber or polyurethane tread? Upgrade to HardCore technology for superior performance at a fraction of steel cost.
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We did it for them. We can do it for you.

There is no job too big or small that our engineers can't handle, whether it's modifying an existing caster design or creating a new concept. We can meet your every demand, from 3D renderings to prototype testing to mass production.

T'is the Season Every Week

While we do offer tantalizing public seasonal promotionals, you can get the best deals when you create an online account and signup for any one of our industry specific newsletters.*

*Depending on specific industry type, account holders may or may not receive an offer every week.

Build a Model to Your Specifications

Within each caster and wheel series page of, you can click through a guided series of menu selections to build your own caster and/or wheel. Progressively build from top to bottom the caster that meets your requirements. Its easy and you can't go wrong.

Solving the Brand Cross-over Puzzle

Every supplier has their own part number system and specifications layout, which makes price-shopping a real headache. Save yourself the hassle by sending us your required specs, pictures of the product in question or ship a sample direct.






     3-Year Warranty     Material Handling Association     National Safety and Food Administration NSF Certified     RoHS Compliant     

Over 25 years ago, Durastar began manufacturing 3-year warranty casters, wheels, and related accessories for international markets. Since then, we've expanded production to include other material handling products. Our distribution centers keep most items in-stock, ready to ship.

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